Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Commercial Time!

This might have been my favorite project. I always enjoy being in front of the green screen and doing what I love. In class we recorded each other to start working on our commercials and psa's. Mr. Harwood worked in the back in the control room. 

I decided to do my 60 second commercial on working out. Right after everyone stuff's their selves for the holidays everyone will be looking towards getting their bodies right back for whatever the occasion, rather its "New Years Resolution," "Spring Break" or "Summertime." My workout plan video will guarantee do the job. Go buy it now! 

Monday, December 5, 2016

Quick Takes Video

Since I've done this assignment before I already knew what to do and what steps to take to do so. I grabbed a few videos I found interesting to cover and talk about. My commentary was straight to the point because each video was self explanatory.

For you to make your own quick takes video here is how you can download videos. Here is a video on how to put picture in picture or video in video with iMovie. I hope you enjoyed my humor and video footage.

Three Point Lights, Camera and Action!

Three point lighting was fun to do in class. The class looked over a diagram that truly helped us understand it. This assignment consisted of a key light, fill light and back light. It is also mainly used for interviews. 

The Key light, also your main light is positioned behind and left to your interviewer. 
The Fill light fills in the shadow created by the Key Light. 

The Backlight will be behind your subject, which illuminates the back of your subject’s head.

Check out this video I shot during the three point lighting assignment.

Constance Maybin and Jordan Beagle are the featured subjects in the photos. Constance/Connie is a great muse, the reason why she is always a chosen subject for projects. Adjust lighting if necessary, but if you follow the steps correctly you most likely won't need to. For more information on three-point lighting check out this video.

Classic Lighting Techniques

In class we learned about basic lighting and how it can be used to look proper and professional. We also viewed a video that gives the basics by covering four simple and classic one-light portrait setups.


Rembrandt Lighting- 45 degree lighting, consist of the fill light, key light and back light.                                                                

Split Lighting- 90 degree lighting, set at subjects eye level.


Broad Lighting- subject face turned a bit off center.

Butterfly Lighting- place the main light source above and directly behind the camera which creates a shadow under the nose.

It was fun to take pictures of my subject, demonstrating the three common lighting applications used by photographers. I worked with classmates to arrange studio lights and complete the different forms of lighting. Thanks to Connie Maybin for being a great subject.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

That's Some Good Lighting!!

On Tuesday October 25th, 2016 my Advanced Television Production class with Mr. Harwood, went outside to take pictures with and without light reflectors. This activity was called the outdoor bounce light activity. You can see how harsh the lighting was in the first picture of my classmate, Justin.

  • I enjoyed participating in the three lighting “looks” activity. We were able to see the difference between using the reflector and not using it. The reflector really improved the quality of the pictures taken. It made a great difference in lighting when used. Would you like to improve your lighting? You can get one of these great tools from amazon for an affordable price.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

5 Questions & Green Screen!

Below is an updated version of my green screen recording "5 questions" shot by me, with Lynn McGrier and Alexis Rabb. I added a background that I created. I used chroma key in Adobe Premiere. 

I dragged the background shot in video channel 1 and the other in video channel 2. I then went to the effects tool to find "keying", clicked on ultra key and the dropper. By clicking in the green screen area it blended my new background with the video.
 I also adjusted the length of the image to fit the video. After adding the background and exporting the video, I was very pleased with my video.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

5 Cool Questions!

Last week I was given the opportunity to record the lovely Ms. Lynn McGrier and Alexis Rabb. My two subjects and I worked on a project called 5 questions, where Lynn specifically asked Alexis five certain questions.  At first it was a little complicated trying to get certain angles, from where I was. I was also irritated by certain people of authority who were doing the most, then just trying to help the situation. I don't think this was a good day for me, nor is it my best work. I hope you enjoy and enjoy the bloopers at well :)

Another thing I had a problem with was rendering the video. As you can see the first clip came out blurry, although the regular recording isn't blurry.